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To find out more or to opt-out, please read our Cookie Policy. In addition, please read our Privacy Policy , which has also been updated and became effective May 23rd, The voting is by secret ballot, and judges cast their ballots in a process that is independently administered by the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts — an arm of the Illinois Supreme Court. I write in response to two stories published Sunday that addressed the process in which circuit judges vote whether to retain sitting associate judges for new four-year terms. The second story targets several judges with a common theme that the judges had decisions reversed by the Illinois Appellate Court.

Well, that is part of the court process that plays out every day in the United States. In matters before the trial and appeals courts, it is common that two competent lawyers will make different arguments based on the same set of facts and the law. The same concept applies to the judiciary, as a trial judge may make a decision that the Appellate Court reverses.

And to further demonstrate the room for disagreement in the justice system, two state appellate courts may offer conflicting decisions on the same issue, which leads to the possibility that the Illinois Supreme Court will resolve the matter.

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Our system of justice is built with all of this in mind, and it provides remedies for litigants to pursue when they disagree with court decisions and guidance on when those decisions are final. Please include your neighborhood or hometown and a phone number for verification purposes. Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was called a hypocrite for saying he would confirm any Supreme Court nominee selected by President Trump in after stealing a Supreme Court seat from President Obama during his last year in office.

McConnell is not a hypocrite.

San Francisco's new district attorney has chosen social justice over the rule of law

A hypocrite claims to have moral standards to which his behavior does not conform. McConnell has no detectable moral standards. As carbon dioxide levels skyrocket so do the environmental consequences.

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have skyrocketed to the unprecedented level of ppm according to an article in USA Today dated May 13, This is the highest recorded level in human history and will ultimately lead to catastrophic consequences. This policy will:. Please contact your representatives and ask them to support this bill. We must reduce carbon dioxide levels or face the prospect of an earth that will someday become uninhabitable.

Please get in contact with us if you would like more information. Andrea Beatty. Email me. Find me on LinkedIn.

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Press enter to begin your search. Authentication occurs as part of the authorisation process. Rule 1. Though you may be in the same situation as they are, you still care enough to take notice of their expression just like Joseph.

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You do not want people to be weighed down by sadness, doubt and uncertainty, but you want them to experience joy and peace right in the middle of whatever they are going through. This is why you take the initiative to look at the people! This is what you do when you go about taking notice of where there is need in your outreaches. But you do not stop there, once you see a need, you are moved with compassion. You care enough to ask people what is wrong with them just like Joseph. Although you have a destination and an agenda, you create time to be salt and light to those around you. You are NOT like the priest and Levite who were so consumed with their own agenda, but you are as the Good Samaritan who, being moved with love and compassion, stopped to pour out wine the Holy Spirit and oil the anointing or empowerment of the Holy Spirit on the wounds of the man who was hurt see Luke You are as Jesus, who being anointed with the Holy Spirit and power, went about doing good and healing those who were oppressed of the devil see Acts But there is more, you are called and chosen to rule today because you also say words of life , truth, wisdom, and encouragement that God gives to you.

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In your humility, you offer people the water of the word so that they are not left thirsty. Instead, you fill them up and they go about refreshed and encouraged. Oh, how your words have changed the countenance and facial expression of many people around you — all to the glory of God! Lastly, you show people love.

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You just do not tell them that hope exists — by saying God is able — but you actually plead with people to show them the love of God just like Joseph. The solution inside of you is Jesus and just like Joseph, you are showing the power of love by looking, asking, saying, and showing. When you noticed a need and volunteered your gift of interpretation, this is what you did — you showed love. God is not going to forget that. It is because of this heart of compassion that God will use your gift and talent he has given you to put you in front of Pharaoh.

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Then you shall be put in charge of the whole land.