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That also have I thought for. Aye, and two Heralds have sent ere now. Our other clues are weak, old signs and far. What signs? I needs must question all that are. Some travellers slew him, the tale used to be. The tale, yes: but the witness, where is he? The man hath heard thy curses.

If he knows The taste of fear, he will not long stay close. He fear my words, who never feared the deed? Well, there is one shall find him. Enter Tiresias led by a young disciple. He is an old blind man in a prophet's robe, dark, unkempt and sinister in appearance. Tiresias, thou whose mind divineth well All Truth, the spoken and the unspeakable, vv. In which, O gracious Lord, no minister Of help, no champion, can we find at all Save thee. Oh, grudge us nothing! Question every cry Of birds, and all roads else of prophecy Thou knowest.

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Save our city: save thine own Greatness: save me; save all that yet doth groan Under the dead man's wrong! Lo, in thy hand We lay us. And, methinks, no work so grand Hath man yet compassed, as, with all he can Of chance or power, to help his fellow man. Tiresias to himself. Ah me!


A fearful thing is knowledge, when to know Helpeth no end. I knew this long ago, But crushed it dead. Else had I never come. What means this? Comest thou so deep in gloom? Let me go back! Thy work shall weigh on thee The less, if thou consent, and mine on me. Prophet, this is not lawful; nay, nor kind To Thebes, who feeds thee, thus to veil thy mind. Therefore, lest I also stray Oedipus bars his road.

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Thou shalt not, knowing, turn and leave us! See, We all implore thee, all, on bended knee. All without light! What wilt thou? Know and speak not? In my need Be false to me, and let thy city bleed? I will not wound myself nor thee. Why seek To trap and question me? I will not speak. Thou devil! Nay; the wrath of any stone Would rise at him.

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It lies with thee to have done And speak. Is there no melting in thine eyes!

Naught lies with me! With thee, with thee there lies, I warrant, what thou ne'er hast seen nor guessed. Oedipus to Leader , who tries to calm him. How can I hear such talk? Howe'er I hold it back, 'twill come, 'twill come. The more shouldst thou declare it to thy King. I speak no more. For thee, if passioning Doth comfort thee, on, passion to thy fill!


Tiresias returning. Thou art thyself the unclean thing.

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Thou front of brass, to fling out injury So wild! Dost think to bate me and go free? I am free. The strong truth is in this heart. What prompted thee?

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I swear 'twas not thine art. I spoke not, save for thy command.

Spoke what? What was it? Let me understand. Dost tempt me? Were my words before not plain! Scarce thy full meaning. Speak the words again. Thou seek'st this man of blood: Thyself art he. Shall I say more, to see thee rage again? Oh, take thy fill of speech: 'twill all be vain. Thou livest with those near to thee in shame Most deadly, seeing not thyself nor them. Thou think'st 'twill help thee, thus to speak and speak?

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Surely, until the strength of Truth be weak. Thou hast no part In truth, thou blind man, blind eyes, ears and heart. More blind, more sad thy words of scorn, which none Who hears but shall cast back on thee: soon, soon. Thou spawn of Night, not I nor any free And seeing man would hurt a thing like thee. God is enough. He knows and shall accomplish all. Creon hates thee not.

O wealth and majesty, O conquering skill That carved life's rebel pathways to my will, What is your heart but bitterness, if now For this poor crown Thebes bound upon my brow, A gift, a thing I sought not—for this crown Creon the stern and true, Creon mine own Comrade, comes creeping in the dark to ban And slay me; sending first this magic-man And schemer, this false beggar-priest, whose eye Is bright for gold and blind for prophecy? Speak, thou. When hast thou ever shown thee strong For aid? The She-Wolf of the woven song Came, and thy art could find no word, no breath, To save thy people from her riddling death.

There was need of Seer-craft then. And thou hadst none to show. No fowl, no flame, No God revealed it thee. Whom now thou thinkest to hunt out, and stand Foremost in honour at King Creon's hand. I think ye will be sorry, thou and he That shares thy sin-hunt. Thou dost look to me vv. Lord Oedipus, these be but words of wrath, All thou hast spoke and all the Prophet hath. Which skills not. We must join, for ill or well, In search how best to obey God's oracle.

King though thou art, thou needs must bear the right Of equal answer. I am blind, and thou Hast mocked my blindness. Yea, I will speak now.