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Hits were nice, but family came first. The greatest God-does-the-road-ever-suck song, "I Wanna Be Sedated" was written by Joey Ramone, who at the time was suffering from severe teakettle burns and was upset about having to fly to London for a gig. Plagued by obsessive-compulsive disorder and various other ailments, Joey always had a rough time touring.

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Johnny's guitar solo — the same note, 65 times in a row — is the ultimate expression of his anti-artifice philosophy; the bubblegum-pop key change that follows it, though, is pure Joey. It was almost rock. It was almost gospel. But the seeds came from Prince's tour; Bob Seger was touring at the same time, and Prince decided to try writing a song in the same anthemic vein.

It had been in the Flames' act for two years before they put down a demo, which caught the ear of talent scout Bass. Although Don Everly had a contract to work as a songwriter before he and his brother Phil began their hitmaking, their first three big singles were all written by the husband-and-wife songwriting team of Boudleaux and Felice Bryant.

While vacationing in southern Morocco, Plant conjured the lyrics for Led Zeppelin 's most ambitious experiment, the centerpiece of 's Physical Graffiti. As he traveled the desert in northwest Africa, Plant envisioned himself driving straight through to Kashmir, on the India-China border. Meanwhile, back in the band's studio in rural England, Page and Bonham began riffing on an Arabic-sounding set of chords that would perfectly match Plant's desert vision. I was virtually in tears. When There's a Riot Goin' On came out in , a Rolling Stone reporter mentioned the rumor that Stone had played all the instruments himself, and he asked Sly just how much he played.

Song's not about that. Song's about a family affair, whether it's a result of genetic processes or a situation in the environment. Taupin has often claimed that a song should never take more than a half-hour to write. His first classic took all of 10 minutes. In , Taupin and John were sharing a bunk bed at Elton's mom's house when Taupin wrote the words to "Your Song" one morning at the breakfast table. The soaring piano ballad would become the breakthrough single that introduced John to America.

Although John insisted that the song was inspired by an old girlfriend of Taupin's, the lyricist maintains that it was aimed at no one in particular. One of Harrison 's greatest songs was conceived during a visit to his parents' home. Having studied the Chinese fortune-telling book the I Ching , Harrison decided he should surrender to chance.

Dissatisfied with the Beatles ' recording of the song, he invited Eric Clapton to play the guitar solo. Pickett 's first two singles for Atlantic were recorded in New York, and they flopped. Townshend wrote this for an aborted concept album and film called Lifehouse.


But many of that project's songs were resurrected for Who's Next , which started off with a week of demo sessions at Mick Jagger's country house, Stargroves. The synthesizer on "Won't Get Fooled Again" is from those demos. Diddley 's first band performed with a washtub-bass player and a guy who danced on a sand-covered board: These experiments with rhythmic possibilities kept him from lugging a drum set around town.

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  4. The Joshua Tree was U2 's ode to America: Its songs were inspired by folk, gospel and roots music, and its lyrics, as the Edge noted, were sparked by civil rights heroes and the "new journalism" of the s. Yet "With or Without You" — with its simple bass groove and ethereal guitar hum framing Bono 's yearning vocals — was one of U2's most universal songs to date, a meditation on the painful ambivalence of a love affair.

    Bono insisted it was "about how I feel in U2 at times: exposed. Stewart plays a schoolboy in love with an older temptress in "Maggie May" — he claimed it was "more or less a true story about the first woman I had sex with. But the song's rustic mandolin and acoustic guitars — and Mickey Waller's relentless drum-bashing — were undeniable. The song became Stewart's first U. Top 40 hit — and first Number One. The first two singles from Steppenwolf 's debut stiffed; the third was "Born to Be Wild.

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    But "Born to Be Wild" stayed. This was a manifesto. Berry's original made the Billboard Top 10, and the Beatles and the Beach Boys cut popular versions as well. Appears on: Johnny B. The keynote from David Bowie 's album Hunky Dory , "Changes" challenged rock audiences to "turn and face the strange. As it turned out, he had barely begun to show the world his wardrobe of disguises. The poignant sax solo at the end is played by Bowie himself.

    On the piano in Greenberg's office, King finished a song the team had been working on. Although it is generally assumed that the singer is referring to a brothel, there is actually nothing in the lyrics that indicate that the "house" is a brothel. Many knowledgeable persons have conjectured that a better case can be made for either a gambling hall or a prison; however, to paraphrase Freud: sometimes lyrics are just lyrics.

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    Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Folk rock blues rock. Traditional arranged by Alan Price. Psychedelic rock acid rock blues rock. This section does not cite any sources.

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    Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. The Age. Retrieved January 12, Entry Archived from the original on September 8, Retrieved May 4, Retrieved February 23, Scarecrow Press. Bluegrass Picker's Tune Book. Mel Bay Music. BBC h2g2. July 28, Retrieved December 26, Waltz and David G. Volume 2 pages 11— Smithsonian Folkways. Retrieved December 4, Retrieved February 6, The British Are Coming!

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    Pop Chronicles. University of North Texas Libraries. Track 5. Accessed May 5, Petersburg Times , January 15, Accessed May 4, Archived from the original on 27 April Retrieved 3 May The Mayor of MacDougal Street. Then, sometime in , Eric Burdon and the Animals made a number-one chart hit out of the damn thing.

    Same arrangement. I would have loved to sue for royalties, but I found that it is impossible to defend the copyright on an arrangement.