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So, in 'A Being of Distances', we meet a man who has ostensibly been outcast for not continuing in his family's business, while in 'A Meeting' the grinding tedium of lifelong office work is heightened by the intolerable summer heat, insects landing on the paperwork, and 'the endless paper clips'. While some of the topics and language are firmly rooted in another century there's one lengthy perusal of the ideal ink-pen nib , the timeless existential malaise at the heart of the foursome's key characters will easily resonate with a contemporary audience.

Kirsty Logan — Things We Say in the Dark 26 Sep Powerful contemporary short story collection playing on our deepest fears with a dash of the supernatural, horror and bloody feminism. Lara Williams — Treats 8 Mar Stunning debut short story collection charts the trials of contemporary twentysomething life. Kyle Minor - Praying Drunk 20 Sep The US author's short story collection is by turns raw, complex, unpleasant and highly interesting.

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Joseph Smith - Finally My Ambulance 29 May Smith's short story 'album' is pretentious, mannered and deeply disappointing. George Saunders - Tenth of December 13 Dec A rather insubstantial short story collection that will no doubt have cult appeal. Post a comment Enter email and password: Email. They came from far and wide to see the Holy Man, to find new direction in their lives. They walked away freed from everyday anxiety and forever changed by simple words of wisdom so powerful, yet so u… More.

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Rate it:. Killer by Nature by Jan Smith. Are we born evil, or do we have evil thrust upon us? This is the eternal question of nature vs nurture at the centre of Killer by Nature, a brand-new psychological thriller from Audible Originals.

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This is the story of one of the greatest records ever made - Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison - and its shocking and tragic aftermath. Join award-winning journalist Danny Robins on the 50th anniversary o… More.

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It is a comical and brutally h… More. Shelve Mala. Atomic Marriage by Curtis Sittenfeld. All marriages are hard.

Many of them fail. Brock Lewis, an evangelical businessman turned self-published author, has the answer.

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