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Edit Cast Credited cast: Patrick Brice Aaron Mark Duplass Edit Storyline When a videographer answers an advert of the website Craigslist for a one-day job in a remote mountain town to video the last messages of a dying man. Language: English. Runtime: 77 min. Color: Color.

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Edit Did You Know? Trivia The film is almost totally improvised. When Ashaya turned to smile at him over her shoulder, the mating bond a wild brilliance inside him, Dorian knew that while baking and plumbing might not be on his resume, in one thing he was and would always be an expert: Loving Shaya. This story is an entry in my ongoing series of vignettes exploring the everyday lives of the Psy-Changeling characters — glimpses through the windows of their day to day world.

Clean and Dirty features Vaughn and Faith. Timeline: This story happens around the same time as Play of Passion , but it stands totally on its own. Vaughn, the amber-gold of his hair dulled by the same dust, gave her a smile that was pure cat. Absolutely not. It still stunned her, the beauty he created from hunks of cold marble and stone. It says civets eat the coffee berries, then the coffee makers collect their droppings and pick out the beans. Trying again when he put down the datapad and resumed his stalking, she pointed a finger. Faith NightStar. At a dead end, she used a minor psychic ability to create a solid illusion of tall sunflowers between them.

It was meant to surprise him enough to give her time to get over the bed and down the other side, but she found herself watching delightedly as he tried to touch the leaves with a wondering hand. Her escape attempts foiled by laughter, she gave in and grabbing his dusty face in her hands, kissed him, both of them laughing the entire time. It melted her each and every time he got like this. He nipped at her lower lip. She giggled, and it was a silly, girlish sound. Never, she thought, would she get enough of her mate.

His touch, his scent, the sound of his voice, his laughter, his teasing, the untamed jaguar at the heart of his nature, each and every part was forever intertwined into the fabric of her life. Stepping out, he turned off the shower and crooked a finger. Datapad in hand, he sat down on the sofa with her curled up on his lap.

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Still suspicious, Faith began to scan the article…and felt her eyes widen. A woman, she thought with an inward smile, was permitted a sinful secret or two when it came to a man as rawly sexy as Vaughn. Instead of shying, Faith wrapped her arms around him. Now, she was the woman who loved and was loved by a jaguar…and who knew how to take bites of her own.

Vaughn jerked up his head when her teeth sank into his shoulder. Then he grinned, and tumbled her on top of him and she knew they were going to be very, very, very late for dinner. This is part of my series of shorts focusing on the everyday lives of the characters, away from politics and danger. I hope you enjoy.

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Now, she loved him for the father he had become, a predatory changeling alpha who made no bones about adoring his child. Lucas nuzzled a kiss against her ear and allowed her to turn to face the crib—located in the bedroom because neither one of them could bear to be parted from Naya. She belongs to Rome and Jules. They were very clear on that. They bent identical heads toward her, all hair of dark brown and eyes of midnight blue.

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Tamsyn appeared in the doorway a second later, Nate beside her. The twins beamed, neat little angels in their checked shirts—red for Roman and yellow for Julian—paired with jeans.

Rising, she held out her hands and the boys took one each. Once in the bedroom, she had them sit on the bed. Then, reaching inside the crib, she lifted Naya and came to sit between the two, conscious of Lucas returning to the bedroom after greeting Tammy and Nate. She glanced at Lucas for help. Her panther came over to grab a laughing Roman in a growling hug before setting him down on the bed again.

Will you still play with her? They scrambled off the bed together.

Second Hand

A tin sat on the counter, likely something delicious Tamsyn had baked that morning. The package was closed up with so much tape and sparkly paper that Lucas had to slice out his claws to cut it open. Lucas upended the open package and into his palm dropped a surprisingly pretty necklace made of multihued beads. Reaching down, Nate ruffled his hair. Sascha settled down into a large cozy armchair with Naya, the twins snuggling in on either side of her.

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Then Roman took the beads. Roman gave a satisfied nod. By the time they were done, Sascha was utterly undone. I think my monsters want a hug from you. Her lap was immediately filled with little boy. Smiling, she cuddled them close. The moment lasted half a minute before they scrambled off to run outside to play in the trees. Tamsyn kissed their furry faces, while Nate shook his head, amused affection in his eyes.

Sascha grinned at Lucas.

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Having had a play-fight with their father in the interim, the twins ran over to jump up on the arms of the chair where Lucas sat. Perching carefully, they sniffed at Naya, patted her with their paws—claws carefully sheathed—then jumped back down to curl up beside their parents. Cuddled up against Tamsyn, Julian looked at his brother. Roman made a small growling sound. Julian growled back, then turned to Sascha, conversation apparently completed. But before he could tell her what had been decided, Naya opened her mouth on what sounded like a tiny, tiny baby growl. Instantly on alert, Rome ran over to jump on the chair arm while Julian shifted before joining his brother.

Where two pairs of green-gold leopard eyes looked into one pair of bright green, the moment frozen in time. The baby reached out, clutched at him.

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Naya sneezed, making Julian laugh so hard he fell off the chair arm, while his brother jerked back…then touched her with his paw. This time, the baby got a bit of his fur in her tiny grip. Linked as she was to their child on the mental plane, Sascha could feel her contentment, her sense of safety. Naya knew she was with Pack. Tamsyn shook her head. Nate squeezed her. Luc pulled some pretty spectacular stunts of his own as a kid. Lucas scowled. And it was a very nice mud pool. The others realized it at the same time.

Tammy poked Nate in the ribs. The twins heads went from one to the other, eyes bright. And Sascha wanted to pounce on everyone, enclosing them in a huge hug.

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Lara rose to an empty space in the bed beside her and the smell of something delicious wafting in the air. Walking out, she found she was the last one up, the children digging into pancakes.